Vegan Dreams

Hi Friends,

Suddenly I’ve the urge to be a vegan. However I don’t think I’m yet to be able to make do without cheese as I love Pizza a lot!

Therefore with immediate effect, I’ve decided to start by being a lacto-ovo vegetarian.

This post might be a crap as I’m a food lover and I love seafood a lot. So I might end up losing the urge to work towards being a vegan.

I shall update ya if I’m motivated enough or is just talking shit!
With Lots of Love,



It Gonna Be A New Year!

I planned to do a New Year tag video! However, when looking at those question, I simply am not able to answer most of the question. I know there’s a whole lot of happening in 2016, but I’m just not able to pull out any significant moment and it’s not as if I’ve none. My life is exciting, you know.

Probably, I need to look through my IG and FB photos to have some recollection! Thus, I’ve decided that how short or boring my future blog post gonna be, I’m definitely going to blog on those significant moment, for memory sake!

I’m a working lady, therefore I couldn’t afford the time to juggle between YouTube and Blog posting. I’ve high respect to those who is holding a job and at the same time able to blog & vlog regularly.

Personally, I feel it’s easier to put together a vlog clips compared to writing a blog. And editing a video is much easier especially if there’s no voice over required. Therefore my priority is definitely my YouTube upload.

I look upon vlogging as a hobby so there’s no pressure about it though I’m kind of addictive to upload 2-3 times per week and would feel incomplete if I’m not able to do so. Haha…

Ok people! As I might not be seeing all of you again till after X’mas, allow me to wish all celebrant a MERRY X’MAS AND A HAPPY HOLIDAY! Regardless of race, language or religion, we are a multi racial country, I don’t see the why we shouldn’t be merry during all the festive in Singapore, regardless of who we are! 😘😘😘

With Lots of Love,

Yana Mohamed 


Blog Goal For Y2017

Good morning everyone!

I’m now heading to work and I’m now feeling all excited for the weekend cause it’s my baby bro’s wedding! Yeah…

In this post, I shall not discuss about his wedding but I’ll be sure to have a post on that (in sha allah) later. 😘

What do you think is my blog goal for Y2017? Nothing much actually other than to revamp the design of my blog, to update consistently and to have a customized url again.

When my http://www.candyloveobsession.com URL expired 2months ago, I have decided not to renew the URL as I would like to change the blog URL to http://www.yanamohamed.com. Kononnya, want to use my ‘stage name’ as the URL gitu lah. Hahaha…

However I decided to put that on hold so as to be very sure that is what I want. And also even though the annual fee for customized URL is not that expensive, I’ve been spending quite a bit on the equipment for my YouTube channel. I’ve set monthly budget for my Social Media expenses, therefore once it has hit that amount for the month, I need to stop spending. I’m quite good with spreading my finances over the month and not overspending, you know.

And those things that I’ve spent for my YouTube channel is definitely necessary in order for me to have a better quality video! Now I’ve more or less settled with my video production equipment, though I’m lacking of one essential needs and that is to purchase a better video editor. I am looking at Premier Pro CC and that will cost close to $400 per year. And I really have to think carefully before I decided to take that plunge!

Probably only after I have decided on the Premier Pro CC and my video has reached the expectation that I desire, then I’ll move my focus on revamping my blog! 😀

In life, we cannot be greedy and just need to plan and focus. So this is my plan for Y2017!

Bye! Catch up with all of you again soon.

Btw if you are interested to watch my video or subscribe to my channel, please feel free to click on the link before.


For now, my videos are more focus on FOOD, DESTINATION & LEISURE! I’ll share with all of you more on what these three series all about in my next post ya!

With Love,

Yana Mohamed


Travel Diary: HCMC Shopping Haul

Hi All,

I’ve just uploaded my Ho Chi Minh City Shopping Haul. Pleas click on the link below should you are interested to watch it.

Travel Diary | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam | Shopping Haul



Almost Faint In The Bus

Hi Everyone!

I almost faint in the bus just now, thanks to a lovely surprise!

As known by everyone, I’ve plenty of free time on hand during the weekend as most of the time Husband is at work, so the weekend are all about me, myself & I. However, never once had I ever feel bored during those weekend.

It just that I did feel guilty not putting my free time at good use. To fill up my free time, I ever tot of taking up a part time job just to feel up the time. But it is just not me! 
I’m not someone who will do things that I don’t enjoy for the sake of money. And I’m not such a diligent girl to wake up early during the weekend just to clock a few hours of work, and as a result I will feel exhausted on the rest of the week due to lack of rest.

I love social media and I enjoy telling the world about myself. However, somehow I’m just not diligent enough to sit down and regularly compose a blog. 

I just want to do something that’s stress free and fun! And that’s how my YouTube journey started. Though I knew that you will be able to earn through video monetisationable, earning money is never the reason why I started to be a YouTuber. I just want to do something that I’m passionate doing. I believe with passion, money will stream your way by itself.

As a YouTuber, I really learned a lot from other YouTubers. They are people who are very generous with knowledge. And one thing that I learned through YouTube is about affiliate marketing. From fellow youtube, I get to know what YouTubers not only earned money through Adsense. Affiliate marketing also make up of a portion of a youtuber earning.

So, I decided to meddle with affliate marketing for the fun of it without having any expectation to earn any income.

However, today I got a shock of my life when I received an email from Lazada!

I didn’t realised that I have been earning from this program though I’ve started for just a month. I was actually not convinced when reading this email until I personally log on to my PayPal account! Tada, yes the payment has been credited to my account!

I am over the moon not exactly because of the earning. It’s just that I don’t believe that there will be people who is interested to click on the link.

The feeling is similar like how I don’t expect to get 200 over subscriber on my YouTube when I didn’t even publicise openly.

217 subscriber might not seems to be a big number. But it shows that my subscriber are those who are really interested to watch my video and not my facebook contact who’s indirectly are being force to watch it just because it appear on their newsfeed.

Ok darling! We shall stop here for now.  I’ve just alighted from the bus. Shall catch up with all of you again ya!

With Lots of Love,



A Day In My Life Youtube Post

Happy Sunday Everyone,

It’s been a couple of months since I have been diligently uploading videos on youtube and I have never shared or link the video to any of my other social media platform as I don’t wish to have repeated update on all my social media channel. I am sure not everyone will be very pleased to be flooded by your update and not everyone is really bothered about what you did with your life.

As I have made blogging as a platform whenever I would like to update a lengthy content about my life, and as my followers/subscriber are not duplicated, I have decided to share on my blog post whenever I have uploaded ‘A Day In My Life’ video on youtube. In this way, I will indirectly be posting update about myself, but it will be in the form of a video instead of words.

Just to highlight here, as my Youtube Subscribers are mostly not local, do not think that I am being silly whenever I am slightly more descriptive whenever I mentioned certain things. For example, in this video, it’s about JB and train station.

Without further ado, hope you enjoy the video below. And feel free to subscribe to my channel if you would like to be notified for the rest of my upcoming video as I will not be sharing every new upload on this blog page.

A Day In My Life | Chit Chat | Family, Husband, Youtube, Apartment, MacDonald’s Coffee

With Lots of Love,



Travel Diary 2016: Ho Chi Minh City Trip Itinerary

Happy Saturday Morning Lovely People!

Just would like to share an update on my HCMC trip.

Flight to HCMC settled.

Accommodation in HCMC settled.

Insurance for the trip settled.

Trip itinerary settled.

Pending is just the Mekong Trip booking which I will book by this weekend. For the hopon & hopoff bus ticket, we will most likely buy it during the trip itself. And as for the motorbike tour, we will have to KIV as from the trip itinerary, it seems we hardly have time for it.

Oh ya, as for the trip itinerary, I’ve attached it on the blog. Thus feel free, to take a look if you are interested.

Ok, I got to hit the shower now. This weekend I’ll be spending time with my in law! 

Catch up with all of you again.

With Lots of Love,



Moody Morning

Hi All Good Morning!

My morning mood has not been good for today and it’s caused by a morning statement by someone. Actually it’s just a mere statement and after that she said later talk again.

I’ve no problem with people confiding in me. All is welcome, I’ve no issue about it. But I don’t like headache! Cause when this person open a topic, she likes to repeat it again and again, days after days. Macam tak de modal lain nak bual macam tu. And I don’t like to talk about other people. To me, if you are not satisfied with something sort it out. No need to be a hypocrite! I’m seriously tired with all this.

I shall not name this person cause if I were to, I’ll for sure be judge by others! Hipocrite, coward, like to push blame just to make herself look good! This is the true character of this person.

Ignoring her is bliss! But I’m not able to do that forever. But when I treat her well, she tend to talk about this n that and I’m so muak! At times I really feel like screaming at her. Sometime I did, sometime I don’t! When I did, I feel pained and when I don’t also I feel pained.

Thanks all for hearing my rant. I feel better now. I wish I’m able to cut ties with her, but I know I can’t. Sigh…

Have a good Wednesday ya!

Lots of Love,



2016 Vacation | HCMH | Flight Confirmed

Happy Weekend Darlz!

I am feeling very excited at the moment as I have just confirmed a flight to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam! Like the past vacation, again, this vacation will be without Bie. If any of you are wondering, why most of my vacation is without Bie, there’s actually 2 main reason for it.

Firstly, it’s because Bie simply hate flying  as the plane air pressure tend to cause pain to his ear (shrieking sound). Secondly, it’s because he would rather spend his annual leave back in JB, to just rest. We have an under-utilise comfortable home in JB. Thus, he would rather make that as his vacation destination.

Bie is still able to fly if he wanted to. However, he just don’t enjoy putting himself through the torture. The longest flight that he has ever taken was a 4hrs flight to Maldives for our honeymoon. As much as he don’t enjoy flying, that much also I don’t enjoy flying with him. Just imagine flying beside a stressed looking face that you couldn’t tease or speak to. It’s annoying ya. Haha…

Ok, let’s stop talking about Bie for now.

This time my vacation is with Liza and I am so elated as it’s been a while since we last have a getaway together. This trip will gonna be just be the two of us!!! Since both of us got married, we have not been spending as much time as we used too. Frankly, I do missed those moments. So, it’s going to be a bonding vacation for me and Liza.

We planned to make this vacation as relax as possible as we have enough of the fast-moving vacation like Japan & Europe. Only GOD knows how much I am looking forward to this getaway, even if it’s just Vietnam!


We will be flying by Jetstar and the flight details is as per the above screenshot. The flight ticket cost $338.10 for the 2 of us ($169.05 per pax). Our flight ticket cost more on the return flight as we have opted for the more expensive flight time (last flight), but it’s ok as we just want to spend more time chilling around HCMH before flying back.

Will update again on our HCMH trip once we have settled our accommodation and travel itinerary. One thing for sure, we are definitely going to sign up for one of the motorbike tours. It looks seriously fun and most important it’s safe!

I have include the link to one of the motorbike tour operator. As there’s many other operator that offers such tours, at the end of the day we might not even sign up with XO Tours. I am just sharing the XO Tours link as I think the XO Tours website is very much well done compared to other site that’s offering the similar services.

XO Tours

Lots of Love,



I’ve A New Hobby! 

Hi everyone!

Hope all of you have been doing good. I know I’ve not been uploading any post since the last 8mths. Don’t worry, I’ve been really good and has been putting on weight well. Haha!

Just a short update about myself.

  1. Came back from Europe (since my last post) and the trip has really been an eye opener. Next long haul vacation will be to USA, and I hope to be there after I move to my BTO flat. Ya, still a long journey I know. But saving up for my upcoming home is definitely, me and my husband utmost priority
  2. I’ve a new hobby! Been into vlogging alot, maybe that’s why I’ve been neglecting my blog page. https://www.youtube.com/c/YanaMohamed that’s my YouTube channel! Feel free to subscribe and give me some love
  3. Husband and I have been furnishing our JB weekend home actively as we have decided to stay there during our weekend trip to JB instead of renting it out as per our initial plan. Will do a house tour video and upload it on my YouTube channel once our bedroom set has been delivered in 2weeks time (final furniture delivery). Looking at the amount spent to furnish our JB home, I know we will be damn broke after getting our BTO flat. Furnishing a home is definitely not cheap!
  4. I’m serious about producing good quality video for my YouTube channel. Thus I’ve signed up for a video production course and I’m feeling so excited! BTW pls pardon me on the output of my current videos as I’m still new with filming

That’s all for now! Miss blogging heaps.

Lots of Love,

Yana Mohamed